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I have 20 years experience as a promoter for special events and parties in addition to ten years as a DJ for schools and private parties such as weddings, corporate events and school dances. Below you will find a list of the high schools, middle schools and businesses that I have worked with in the past which should give you a pretty good idea of the caliber of clients that I have worked with.


High Schools


Garey High School
Homecoming 2008-2009, Prom 2009-2010,14,15

Baldwin Park High School
Prom 2008-2014 Homecoming 2008-2009, 11,12,13 Spirit Dance 2008-2009

Sierra Vista High School
Prom 2008-2010, 2012-14 Pep Rally 2008-2009, Homecoming 2009, 10,12,13,14 all ASB League Dances '08

Ganesha High School
Prom 2008, Fashion Show 2008-2009, Homecoming 2009

Arroyo High School
Last Bash 2006-2009, Winter Formal 2005, 14, 17 Homecoming 2008-2009, Hawkins 2004

El Monte High School
Pep Rally 2007, 2009, Homecoming 2003-2004, 07,10,11,16,17 Hawkins 2003

Village Academy
Senior Prom 2005, 07 Homecoming 2005, 06, 07

South El Monte High School
Winter Formal 2004, Hawkins 2004, Senior Dance 2005, Prom 2013

Duarte High School
Winter Formal 2005, 2009, Prom 2006, 09,11,12,13,14 Homecoming 2009

Wilson High School
Hawkins 2007, Homecoming 2006, Welcome Back 2006-2008

Workman High School
Prom 2012-14 Homecoming 2009, 10,11 Winter Formal 2010

Montebello High School
Prom 2005-2017, Hawkins 2006-2007, Winter Formal 2005, 2008
Senior Dances 2005-2017, Homecoming 2005-2017

Fontana High All Dances 2009-2017                                                                                                                                                                                                           




Middle Schools


Emerson Middle School
Three dances a year since 2003











Kellogg West

Commerce Casino Employee Party 2008-2009

Pomona Mining Company

Los Amigos

Maggie's Pub
Santa Fe Springs

Via Verde Country Club
San Dimas

El Rodeo
Pico Rivera


Fiesta Hall
Pico Rivera

Fiesta Hall

City of Commerce Special Events


References (Feel Free to Contact)



Barry Schwartz
Montebello High School

Edna Tristan
Burke Middle

Tina Fierro
City of Commerce,
Parks and Recreation