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Charles Boogie Fletcher
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Equipment and Packages

I have three system setups to accomodate a variety of functions, from small backyard parties to large corporate events of up to 4000 people. In addition to these setups, I also have 3 NEW PACKAGES which include everything you need to have a spectacular sounding and visually stimulating event. If you have any questions about my equipment or packages, feel free to fill out  my contact form and I will personally respond to your inquiry.


Small System Setup: 25-75 people (Audio)

Small System Setup: 25-75 people (Audio)

 2 Powered QSC-k12 1000 watt Speakers with 1 QSC 181 Bass Bottom or RCF Evox 12 Speakers, Dance Floor LED Lights and a Microphone
This system setup is good for any small backyard function, birthday party or any other function where 25-75 people are expected attend. (House Party Only Event) 

Price: $125 Hour Minimum 4 Hours.

Medium System Setup: 75-150 people (Audio)

Medium System Setup: 75-150 people (Audio)

4 Powered QSC-kw Speakers  2 1000 watt K12.2 High Speakers & 2 1000 watt 18" Bass Bottoms, Dance Floor LED Lights, Cordless Microphones, 8 Wireless Uplight's.

This system setup is perfect for a midsize function like a School dance, Family reunion, Small Corporate Events, Quinceneras, or where the expected attendance is between 75 and 150 people.

Price: $1200 for 6 Hours.


Large System Setup: 200-700 people (Audio)

Large System Setup: 200-700 people (Audio)

 12 Powered QSC-kla Speakers (6) 1000 watt  High Speakers & (6) 1000 watt QSC-kw 181 18" Bass Bottoms, 4 Vizi 5r Moving Head lights, Cordless Mic, Glow Booth, 4-6 LED Lights, 12 Uplight's, Truss 16x10

This is the complete system that will power any large Gym or Outdoor Event function where attendance is expected to be between 500 - 1500 people. Perfect for any large wedding, corporate event, or business party where the ultimate DJ system is needed to insure a powerful sound throughout the duration of the event.

Price: $2000 - $5000 for 4 Hours.

All Star Package (Audio/Video)

All Star Package (Audio/Video)

Small Sytem Setup with  (2) RCF Evox Powered Speakers (2) 32" Led TVs (or 80" Projection Screen), Video Mixing, 3 LED Lights, DJ for 5 hours House Party Only or Very Small Event.

Price: $550 for 6 Hours.

Rock Star Package (Audio/Video)

Rock Star Package (Audio/Video)

Medium System Setup (2) RCF Evox 12 Powered Speakers (2) 43' Led TVs (or 100" projection screen), Video Mixing, 4 LED Lights, Glow Booths with Glow Stands, 8 Uplights, Cordless and Hardwired Microphones, 2 Moving Head Lights an DJ for 5 Hours.

Price: $1600 for 6 Hours.

Club Star Package (Audio/Video)

Club Star Package (Audio/Video)

Large Audio System Setup with (2) 50" Plasma TVs, or 100" Screen & (2) 32" Led Tv's, 4 Moving Heads, 4 Par Can Lights, Truss System, Small 8 x 12 Glow Booth, Cordless and Hardwired Microphones, 5 LED Lights, Fog Machine, 12 Uplights, 

Price: $3000-$5000 For 6 Hours.

School Dances

School Dances

School Dances Elementary & Middle Schools range from $300 to $500 audio only. High School Dances $1000 to $5000 for on campus dances depending on size of dance audio only. Video Mixing 100" screen Add $75 if school has a screen $125 if no screen I will provide 100" screen for dance

Standard Photo Booth

Standard Open Air Photo Booth- $150 Per Hour 3 Hour Minimum


Backdrop Only

(Local - Add $50 Fuel surcharge past 25 miles away from address one time fee) 3 Hour Minimum Includes Backdrop, Props, Attendant, Customized Design On Prints, Email Of All Pictures (One 4x6 or Two 2x6 per Guest At Event)

$75 Per Hour Extra. For House Parties an Small Events, 3-8 People At One Time In Picture.

Deluxe Photo Booth

Deluxe Photo Booth

Deluxe Photo Booth- $225 Per Hour 3 hr Min

Enclosed Booth Per Hour

(Local - Add $50 Fuel surcharge 25 miles away from address one time fee) During Weekends Friday, Saturday & Sunday 3 Hour Minimum Includes: Props, Attendant, 4x6 or 2x6 Unlimited Pictures Private Event (Schools: One 4x6 or Two 2x6 Pictures Per Student Attending Dance), Customized Design, Logos, Company Name On Prints, Enclosed Photo Booth, Email Online Photos Of All Images or Flash Drive  $100 Per Hour Extra


Please Call For Dj & Photo Booth Specials



Additional Items

Karaoke w/50" screen & projector w/ 20" monitor: $150

Karaoke w/100" screen & projector w/ 20" monitor: $200

(2) 22" Monitors (That can be used with Karaoke) $75   

(2) 32' LED TV's: $150

(2) 43" LED TV's (That can be used with Karaoke or Video Mixing for large events between 100 to 300 people) $250

50" Plasmas w/ Stand: (That can be used with Karaoke or Video Mixing) 1 for $225; 2 for $400 

2 Glow Booths w/ Glow Stands: $200
Projector: $100
100" Screen: $250

300" Screen and projector set up: $500
Fog Machine: $75

Haze Machine $100

Photo Montage or Slide Show $150

Moving Head Lights $75

Wireless Uplights $25 Per Light

4x8 Stages $100 ea Pick up ($150ea Delivered)



Gobo Designs: $200


Generator for outdoor events such as Parks, Schools, Churches & Corporate Events: $200